Kuma Goshinjitsu


What is Kuma Goshinjitsu?

Kuma Goshinjitsu is a gendai martial art of the Soke of Okii Kuma Ryu, Hanshi Trent “Kuma” Warner, a former Air Force dependent with over 40 years of martial arts training.  Resulting from the common attacks and threat situations in some of the roughest areas his service jobs to the public would take him,  Kuma Sensei distinguishes himself as a “real-world street warrior” experienced in modern self-defense.

Later realizing that threats were carrying even greater lethal implications as a result of perpetrator desperation, Kuma Sensei reviewed his intrinsic responses as a street warrior to re-established defensive criteria newly essential to warrior street survival. 

Critical to the street warrior are the knowledge, skills and abilities first introduced and developed as a foundation. Kuma Sensei’s prior experiences proved that his own intrinsic responses worked, yet with these newly emerging threats, how could he effectively inform, train and develop his students.

Analyzing the most belligerent behavior and weapons presented by an opponent, all the while remaining within current legal restrictions, Kuma Sensei chose the most appropriate defenses from his repertoire of techniques to meet the threats. Based on his new criteria for survival, he projected that future responses.

  1. They had to work effectively
  2. They had to be easy to learn
  3. They had to be retain-able,
  4. They had to fit seamlessly into his dynamic style of personal defense

Ensuring a balanced blend of reflexive blocks, kicks, punches and strikes tethered to appropriate grappling techniques, Kuma Sensei found he needed to adjust his teaching approach through a composite modification of defensive responses and training exercises.

By doing so he enhanced the learning process and  ensured student retain-ability. Confident through validation, he solidified the diversification of the Okii Kuma Ryu in the establishment his unique street warrior art. Kuma Sensei survives today as a result of the effective applications found in Kuma Goshinjitsu of Okii Kuma Ryu.

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