Yarinage-ha Kuma Goshinjutsu

Yarinage-ha Kuma Goshinjutsu is a Category IV Tamanegi Do gendai martial art presently taught in the Sangawa Ryu. The mission of which is to enhance public safety by providing American civilians the knowledge, skills and abilities to recognize all potential threat hazards and by utilizing tactically equivalent tools of a protective nature resulting in the development of greater personal confidence for peaceful living in an ever changing national environment.

Badge of Counter Terrorism Instructor in Tamanegi Do Martial Arts, North America

Badge of Counter Terrorism Instructor in Tamanegi Do Martial Arts, North America

Continuous Tamanegi Do Kodansha level examination of the most common attack situations recently perpetrated on U.S. streets, homes and businesses provides street-wise input and evaluation producing further insight to visualize and ascertain the work-ability of specific and derivative defense mechanisms capable of effective threat suppression.

Presented in a manner that efficiently teaches up-to-date disaster response coupled with defensive techniques and tactics to counter terrorism with force-escalation options instantly available as required in America’s newly precipitating terrorist environment.

It’s readily apparent that the Yarinage-ha line of Kuma Goshinjutsu entails more than street self-defense. A combat effective system of assimilated and grafted techniques infused with asymmetric capabilities for pro-active response to life’s unfortunate situations where enhanced skills in risk mitigation become essential to future survival.

Referred to as Beikokujin Goshinjutsu by the traditionalists, this civilian oriented art is derivative of lessons learned from the [combat] tactical experiences of many sharing in countless hours of collective review, in-depth study and threat analyzation resulting in essential public sector counter-terror technique development.


By learning to recognize and act appropriately when faced with potential and kinetic threat indicators critical to family safety and survivability this art delves deeply into recognizing first, those safety risks present at the home-front. Something as simple as proper storage of hazardous home materials can become a deadly threat as a result of natural disasters. Then in tandem, Yarinage-ha Kuma Goshinjutsu presents not only “appropriate response” training to handle in-house dangers, but takes a definitive approach to the ever developing terror threat presenting itself at our home-front.

Regardless of how these terrorists arrive, their continual manifestation requires a mindset adjustment within the American Family. By accepting the reality of terror, we empower ourselves as the First Responders we truly are to learn those techniques which mitigate our risks not only through undue exposure, but we learn to exercise a due diligent response when an active threat engagement is thrust upon us.

The Yudansha of the Tamanegi Do have at their disposal, access to many kick-side-b1cornerstone resources. Like the sides of an octagon castle wall, the Yarinage-ha Kuma Goshinjutsu is just one of those cornerstone resources which has developed functionally modified street-combat techniques composed of a balanced blend of blocks, kicks, punches and strikes tethered to appropriate grappling techniques when the threat is up close one-on-one.

Choosing the most appropriate defenses may involve exercising an “all force necessary” response to neutralize any and all deadly threats.


Without extensive research and understanding of current legal regulations by jurisdiction, it is sincerely recommended that the proponents of Yarinage-ha Kuma Goshinjutsu act in the manner of a “prudent man”.

Life is precious, but when facing certain life-threatening situations, your opponents have willingly laid at your feet their own forfeiture of life.

Meeting the survival criteria based on the presentation of life-threatening situations typical to Category IV aspect training provides not only excellent health and physical fitness [education] techniques and knowledge, but the opportunity for civilian students to ensure the safety of themselves and family members.

The threats posed by today’s modern opponents and weapons defies America’s traditionally modern cultural beliefs. Without a doubt, you ARE the First Responder in all threatening situations to include countering terrorism.

No matter where you reside, work or play, if help is not within 15 feet of your presence, you are on your own with nothing more than the tools you are prepared to use, foremost of which is your mind.

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