Student Classification of Training Categories of Tamanegi Do

There are five general categories of Tamanegi students. This classification defines the goals and desires of the student first and foremost. It acts as a guide for the Yudansha in training their students to predetermined standards in order to help the student reach and attain their goals.

Cat I ~ General Student, desiring the ‘technical’ benefits of martial arts training to develop mentally, physically and spiritually. This student has no desire to compete nor do they desire to enter into C² consideration.

Cat II ~ Student desiring the utmost from his training who may compete in the “American Sport Level” at open tournaments sponsored by the ATFI, NASKA, ISKA, KICK and the US Open and Amateur MMA.

Cat III ~ Student desires to pursue more traditional competitive venues in AAU, USNKF, USJA, the as well as local and regional “traditional” circuits.

Cat III B ~ Students pursue traditional competitive venues like the AAU, USNKF, USJA, etc., to the regional level in “traditional” circuits.

Cat III C ~ Student competes on the U.S. National level, continuing their training in such venues as the USNKF and the AAU leading to events such as the Junior Olympic Games.

Cat III D ~ Student competes on an international level, intensifying their training in such entry venues as the USNKF and the AAU, then pursuing standings in the WKF, WUKO and PKF to enter the World Games, Pan American Games, the Olympics.

Cat III E ~ Students training in the MMA professionally.

Cat IV ~ Student trains in “-jutsu” level venues for legitimate defensive applications within the ROE of personal self-defense where the escalation of deadly force may arise as the result of persistent deadly encounters.

Cat V ~ Students are tactically trained military and civilian law enforcement personnel. Upon verification and invitation, private and corporate security personnel may enter Cat V status.

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