The Tamanegi Do Budokans

What is a Budokan?

The BudokanAccording to the Tamanegi Budo Jitten we see the following definition.

Budo-kan (n.) 1. A hall or building designated for the practice of military arts. (Military halls may be centers accommodating practice of all the military arts, or may be designed specifically for one of the military arts.)

One of the most evident examples of a budokan in the United States would be the National Guard armories sprinkled through out our various communities. These armories depict the definition perfectly. The art of war is studied in these armories by the Citizen Soldier in the exact same way that a martial arts student studies the art of war in the dojo proper.

Can a dojo be considered a budokan?

Again by definition, a dojo is a “hall or building designated for the practice of military arts”, plural. So we find that a dojo may be considered a budokan, provided that it teaches more than one art.

Does the Tamanegi Do operate dojos or budokans?

Tamanegi Do has operated both. We have had several locations where only a single art was taught, but generally every Tamanegi location may be considered a “budokan” by virtue of the fact that multiple martial arts within the six training categories are taught at the locations so designated. In our martial culture you will hear some Ohana refer to certain dojo as the “halau” where hula and Lua are practiced. Listed below are the Budokans established over the last five decades where to jikideshi of the Doshu have trained in multiple arts.

Juuniji Taiyou Budokan – Eielson AFB, Alaska

Shigai Budokan – Rantoul, IL

Hinatashu o Budokan – Winter Haven, Florida

Camp Maui on the Mainland – Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Natsujima Budokan – Summerland Key, FL

Yuushi Budokan (Volunteer Budokan location in TN to be determined)

Sangawa Budokan – Humphreys County, TN

Dakotakan – of Arkansas

Okii Kuma Budokan – of Central Illinois

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