This is the Cultural World of the Tamanegi Do Martial Arts

Blending the traditions, techniques, principles and values combined with centuries of lessons learned upon the various battlefields of life.

What makes the American Samurai of the Tamanegi Do uniquely different?

Aside from being a minutely fractional part of America’s III%, they are marked by their readiness to serve. The unbreakable three stranded thread which binds them to the patchwork quilt of the American Samurai class is indelibly dyed.

Red for the hardiness attained through mental, physical and spiritual preparation, courage and valor; of the blood lost and the honor bestowed upon selection and completion of challenging obstacles. It represents those who’ve gone before having given the greatest sacrifice.

White for the purity of their intentions, high ideals and innocence tempered by the shouldered responsibility of mature wisdom.

Blue for their pursuit of justice, constant vigilance and perseverance in everything honorable.

Recorded in the roots of our Nation’s historical tree, their lineage and heritage has many branches stemming from the trunk of the Republic fed by the very xylem and phloem of freedom which nourished their forefathers. Many of similar courage and caliber have humbly endured the pains of grafting to assimilate our nations nourishment. Their difference bears a unique fruit, humble and meek, upon barbed stems destined to guard this culture of freedom.

Their robust martial skills of war and peace reflect proudly through America’s Martial history. Within their culture you will find strong, ever growing and developing lives. The Good, Bad and the Ugly alike form the essence of the Tamanegi Do, challenged by many, defeated only by the weakest of external political leadership.

Like the Tree of Liberty, they are nourished and fed by the blood, sweat and tears of not only their familial ancestors, but the many influences placed upon their environment. Many sensei have placed before these American Warriors specific martial influences making them uniquely skilled samurai able to function with a balance of steel and velvet. Destiny leads many to the proverbial gates of the Hale Koa (House of the Warrior), not because Tamanegi Do is different, but because THEY ARE DIFFERENT.

Peeking past and present into the halau (dojo, kwoon, etc) found locally, you come to understand the uniqueness of the discipline instilled by the artesian waters of education which spring forth and are tended to by the yudansha irrigating the many trees within the figurative plantations of the Tamanegi Do. Always endeavoring to refine those aspiring qualities and characteristics, the Kodansha keep the Tamanegi Do effectively competitive, not only upon the asymmetrical battlefields to which America’s samurai are sent, but the broad spectrum of shiai venues as well.

Catch a glimpse of the men and women who literally and figuratively form Tamanegi Do Martial Arts Hale Koa (House of the Warrior). Invest time to discover why they attract those who are different to study, train and live the American Warrior Ethos within the hallowed confines of the martial arts system known as the Tamanegi Do.